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The DEUFRABASE website is a publication of the Ifsttar (French Institute of Science and Technology devoted to Transport, Planning and Networks), Cité Descartes – Boulevard Newton – F-77 Champs-sur-Marne.

The website is hosted and maintained by the Environmental Acoustics Laboratory (LAE) of Ifsttar. Unless specified otherwise, the content on this website is property of Ifsttar and BASt.


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Project leader

Michel Bérengier (Ifsttar), French leader
Markus Auerbach and Peter Gusia (BASt), German leader

Site content

Judicaël Picaut (Ifsttar)
Michel Bérengier (Ifsttar)

DEUFRABASE calculation core

Antoine Béguère
Michel Bérengier
Nicolas Fortin
Judicaël Picaut
Dobrinka Stoyanova

Site design and implementation

Arnaud Bonnard (Ifsttar)
Jean Chapuis (Ifsttar)

Production and hosting

Content Management System: Typo3
Hosting: Ifsttar


Credits: EPICTURA, Ifsttar

Third-party licenses

Highcharts ( Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License.
Data export for highcharts (export-csv.js): MIT License

Refer to the DEUFRABASE

If you need to refer to the DEUFRABASE in your report, article, communication... please use the following reference:

M. Bérengier, J. Picaut, B. Pahl, D. Dhuamel, B. Gauvreau, M. Auerbach, P. Gusia and N. Fortin, DEUFRABASE: A Simple Tool for the Evaluation of the Noise Impact of Pavements in Typical Road Geometries, Environments 2019, 6(3), 27; (open access)