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A French-German database for road noise evaluation

This website is dedicated to acousticians and engineers in the field of environment and road transportation, who would like to evaluate the effect of road pavements on the surrounding noise, in typical road and traffic configurations.

Included features of the DEUFRABASE:

  • 19 road configurations including different geometries and ground absorptions;
  • 32 built-in French and German road pavements, with specific noise spectrum;
  • user's pavement noise spectrum import;
  • built-in traffic profiles or user's traffic data;
  • LAeq and Lden calculations;
  • result exports (data and image).


Refer to the DEUFRABASE

If you need to refer to the DEUFRABASE in your report, article, communication... please use the following reference:

M. Bérengier, J. Picaut, B. Pahl, D. Dhuamel, B. Gauvreau, M. Auerbach, P. Gusia and N. Fortin, DEUFRABASE: A Simple Tool for the Evaluation of the Noise Impact of Pavements in Typical Road Geometries, Environments 2019, 6(3), 27; (open access)